1 256 men have a free PSA test in September 2022

PSA testing is the best way to ensure the early detection of prostate cancer

Astellas and The Prostate Cancer Foundation teamed up in September 2022  (Prostate Cancer Awareness Month) to provide free prostate specific antigen (PSA) testing.

twelve private hospitals took part in this initiative and a total of 1 256 PSA tests were carried out. The PSA test is a blood test to assist in the detection of prostate abnormalities. A high PSA score can be due to prostate cancer, an enlarged prostate, or an infection. The aim of this initiative was to raise awareness about the risks of prostate cancer and to encourage men to consider age and risk appropriate screening to ensure the early detection of prostate cancer. For many men this was the first opportunity that they had had to have a PSA test.

“We were overwhelmed with the turnout at some of the hospitals” commented The Prostate Cancer Foundation’s CEO, Andrew Oberholzer. “So processing the results took us longer than expected. Increasing access to prostate cancer screening is essential to reducing the high numbers of men who present at public hospitals with advanced prostate cancer so we are really hoping to be able to conduct more of these campaigns in 2023.”



A special thanks to Astellas Pharma for the funding provided to make this project possible.