Suit Up and take a hike

Suit Up September 2020 is here. Get your Suit Up badge for only R20 from our online store. choose a day in September to suit up and upload a pic of yourself in your outfit wearing your badge, using the hashtag #suitupspetember.


Suit Up September 2020 Badges are now available on our online

We get that people don’t want to have to drive somewhere to buy there Suit Up badge, so we’ve made it easy. Just go to our online store and you can buy your Suit Up 2020 badge for only R20. All proceeds raised, help us to continue raising awareness about prostate cancer and educating men about the importance of age appropriate screening.

Suit Up September 2020 is here!


Face masks and Covid-19

Face masks make a big difference with helping to prevent the Covid-19 virus from spreading. But make sure that you do it properly.

Our CEO, Andrew Oberholzer demonstrates with a disposable surgical mask. If  you’re using a cloth mask make sure to wash it every day.

Preventing Covid 19 Infections

It is now well established that men are increased risk of dying from Covid 19 infections. Men undergoing chemotherapy will be at even higher risk as, chemotherapy compromises the immune system. Men who have had chemical or surgical castration are more prone to cardiovascular diseases which unfortunately also increase the risk of becoming seriously ill or dying from Covid 19.

So it’s essential that we all take the simple precautions that save lives. One of the most basic things that makes a big difference is good hand hygiene. In this video, our CEO, Andrew Oberholzer demonstrates how to do it properly.

Men at increased risk of dying from Covid 19

Statistics from around the world are showing that Covid 19 tends to affects men more severely than women. In New York 62% of all Covid deaths were in men. This trend has been observed throughout the world. In this video our CEO , Andrew Oberholzer talks about how some prostate cancer treatments may further increase the risk for men.

Free State medical Chairman Appointed

It’s great to be able to announce the appointment of our new Free State medical chairman. Dr Jos Myburgh is a consultant urologist and senior lecturer at The University of the free State.


We still need a patient affairs board chairman, so if you’re a prostate cancer survivor in the Free State who would like to get involved, please contact us. These volunteers give freely of their time and they are critical to expanding our activities nationally.

The 10th Hollard Daredevil Run

On Friday 13th March the 10th Hollard Daredevil Run took place at the Zoo lake sports club. Thousands of men ran through the streets of Jozi in the famous purple speedos to raise awareness about prostate & testicular cancer. This is the biggest men’s health event of the year and the pre-event publicity provided Prostate Cancer Foundation with a unique opportunity to educate men about prostate cancer and the importance of age appropriate screening to ensure early detection of curable prostate cancer. PCF’s vice-chairman of patient affairs, Thulani Sibisi and CEO Andrew Oberholzer stripped down to their speedos for numerous TV and radio interviews.

Hollard did a number of activations at running clubs in the Johannesburg area before the even,t at which they provided free PSA screening. Screening was also available to men at registration and after the run. A comprehensive men’s health guide was included in every pack adding further value to this important opportunity to promote men’s health.

There were scattered showers in the morning but  the afternoon weather cleared and it turned out to be a beautiful late summer day in Jozi.

Prostate Cancer Foundation and CANSA are joint beneficiaries of this event which was probably the last mass gathering of men in 2020 now that the Corona virus has unfortunately reached South Africa. Thanks to Zenzile Mogoba and Nikki Belford for another great Daredevil run and the opportunity to make a difference to the health of South African men.


New KZN Patient Affairs Board Chairman Appointed

We are pleased to announce the appointment of our new Patient Affairs Board Chairman for KZN. Welcome aboard Mike Mina from Durbs! Mike has a wealth of experience in the advertising industry. With over 40 years in various roles as a creative we look forward to his valuable contributions. Mike joins Dr Mike Nicholls who is our Medical Chairman for KZN.

Ultrasound Machine Donated to Help Diagnose Prostate Cancer in Rural Areas

When screening tests such as a PSA blood test and/or a digital rectal examination reveal that prostate cancer is a possibility, an MRI is helpful, but the diagnosis will be made by performing an ultrasound guided  biopsy. Unfortunately the expertise & equipment to perform ultrasound guided prostate biopsies just doesn’t exist in most rural areas which is probably why most men in these areas present with prostate cancer when it has already spread (metastatic prostate cancer). At this point, prostate cancer cannot be cured, which is why we at the Prostate Cancer Foundation believe that something needs to be changed.

Making prostate cancer biopsies available in rural areas is no mean feat. It requires cooperation between teaching hospitals who can provide the expertise, the private sector who can help by donating some of the equipment and a doctor with a passion for improving men’s health in South Africa. All of these came together during November 2019 when Siemens donated an ultrasound machine to us. The Dr with the passion for men’s health is Dr Riana Bornman who is also an avid researcher.  The Head of Urology at Sefako Makgatho, Prof Shingai Mutambirwa is helping with the expertise.

Hopefully this will be the start of many more partnerships that can help with the early detection of prostate cancer in rural areas. We need to improve the stage at which we diagnose prostate cancer in South Africa to prevent men from suffering and dying unnecessarily.