South Africa’s top urologists are taking the test!

Find out why one of South Africa’s top urologists, Dr Lance Coetzee, takes the test for prostate cancer every year.

Celebrities are taking the test for prostate cancer!

Find out why Barry Hilton takes the test every year.


Congrats to Prof Ahmed Adam!

Congratulations to Prof Ahmed Adam who is one of the members of our Medical & Scientific Advisory Board on his appointment to the position of the Clinical Head of Urology Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital (CMJAH). This includes the urology departments at Helen Joseph Hospital & Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital.
The Prostate Cancer Foundation looks forward to supporting him in his new role.

Thanks to those brave swimmers who “Suited Up” for a swim for our Virtual Charity Challenge!


Thanks to biokiniticist Daniel Mark Botha for braving the choppy waters of Emmarentia dam for a swim for of virtual charity challenge.

Thanks to Iain Johnston, our Patient Affairs Board Chairman who suited up for a swim for our virtual charity challenge.


Thanks to all the runners who supported our virtual charity challenge

This was the first year that we created an activity based Suit Up September Virtual challenge and it’s been great to see so many people getting involved. Participants have been able to choose an activity that suits them which broadens the involvement of athletes from different disciplines. Thanks for the support folks, we love the dedication and creativity!

Thanks to all the cyclists who suited up for our virtual charity challenge







Face masks and Covid-19

Face masks make a big difference with helping to prevent the Covid-19 virus from spreading. But make sure that you do it properly.

Our CEO, Andrew Oberholzer demonstrates with a disposable surgical mask. If  you’re using a cloth mask make sure to wash it every day.

Preventing Covid 19 Infections

It is now well established that men are increased risk of dying from Covid 19 infections. Men undergoing chemotherapy will be at even higher risk as, chemotherapy compromises the immune system. Men who have had chemical or surgical castration are more prone to cardiovascular diseases which unfortunately also increase the risk of becoming seriously ill or dying from Covid 19.

So it’s essential that we all take the simple precautions that save lives. One of the most basic things that makes a big difference is good hand hygiene. In this video, our CEO, Andrew Oberholzer demonstrates how to do it properly.

Men at increased risk of dying from Covid 19

Statistics from around the world are showing that Covid 19 tends to affects men more severely than women. In New York 62% of all Covid deaths were in men. This trend has been observed throughout the world. In this video our CEO , Andrew Oberholzer talks about how some prostate cancer treatments may further increase the risk for men.

Free State medical Chairman Appointed

It’s great to be able to announce the appointment of our new Free State medical chairman. Dr Jos Myburgh is a consultant urologist and senior lecturer at The University of the free State.


We still need a patient affairs board chairman, so if you’re a prostate cancer survivor in the Free State who would like to get involved, please contact us. These volunteers give freely of their time and they are critical to expanding our activities nationally.